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Nike, one of the most representative colors of Escape, has recently returned to the classic Air Trainer Huarache Low. This pair of Bisque, Storm and Rope three colors together in one color was born in 1991, but it has not appeared since 2003. The outer layer is composed of a shoe cream white suede leather and light sand color, and chloroprene rubber boots with light blue, white and equipped with comfort and bottom. Priced at about $$140, the shoe has now been purchased through , size, . -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes A little orange Shashaili! The new "Sand" color comes from the SICS Tiger GEL-Lyte Retro jordans for sale V, with simplicity and luxury! Vans launches the new "Iced Pink Croc" color scheme comments on A: a little orange Shashaili! The new "Sand" comes from the next SICS Tiger GEL-Lyte V: simplicity and luxury! Vans launches the new "Iced Pink Croc" color scheme although Nike Hyperfuse has not yet officially put on the market, but we have long been in this year's NBA playoffs repeatedly witnessed its presence in the actual style. In order to meet the upcoming summer basketball event, NIKE plans to launch more of this lightweight war shoes, and then, NBA, the king of shoes will be the first to announce the mystery of five of them. as shown in the figure, there are two pairs were bright green and red shoes, the ankle showing a dazzling splash like teaching pattern, this design we have reported previously, including for work this summer to create special world basketball championship. The following is a double version of the deep purple shoes, inherited "eggplant /Eggplant" essence and style, very eye-catching. The last two pairs are black / red and white / obsidian. Believe that the future will emerge more new styles, and there will be cheap jordan shoes for men more of our favorite NBA superstar, staged a wonderful battle shoes show, please look forward to. Source: Battle shoes Wang Nike Hyperfuse; full exposure! Red wine berry Nike All Court review last article: Nike Hyperfuse full exposure! Next: red berry berry color Nike All Court& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; yesterday, against the newspaper of "Adidas withdrawal of China," the report, Adidas Greater China responded that China will continue to be its most important production, the absolute value of production does not decrease, but at the same time also he said, "Maybe later," made in China will fall percentage. With industry analysts pointed out, such as Adidas to focus on the design, the manufacturing sector is looking for OEM multinational global sportswear brands, the balance of costs and benefits to promote its cheaper regional transfer of production is their best option, but in this business model to the very end of the foundry business is concerned, it is a fatal blow. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "China is still the most important producer of" & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; While Adidas Greater China headquarters in reply cheap jordans for sale mens to a reporter's e-mail said, "China will continue to be our most important producer of Adidas in China will still maintain a very high level." But Adidas has also admitted, "is ready to put into production around the world to go, such as Russia, Western Europe, other Asian countries, such as Cambodia, the country's production capacity will increase. " According to Adidas introduced its products in 50% are made in China, there are 264 factories, the staff of 30 million people. According to analysis, if Adidas orders to other areas, then it at least 30 million people will become part of people's livelihood issues. In January this year, is located in Dongguan, an Adidas foundry empty, the door locked. Until after the media exposure, the public did not know the name of this company called "Chang Teng Shoes." It is understood that the company was founded in October 1995, it covers an area of ??over 66,000 square meters, has a staff of nearly 4,000 people. senior adviser AMT garment industry Ge star told reporters, Adidas, Nike and other sports brands are mostly brand mode of operation, their focus on the field of design, he did not pr cheap foamposites oduce plants that global design, global search foundries Global sales. foundry as the weakest link In Guangdong, the main big brands such as Adidas sneakers IMC OEM footwear, then because the cost pressures will move the production line from Guangzhou to Qingyuan. Reporters yesterday to try to contact IMC Shoe spokesman, was "EU shoes product dumping Alliance" Secretary Guo Wei Wen. In an interview with reporters after understanding the intent, his assistant told reporters Guo not in the company, as of press time reporter, IMC Footwear did not give a reply. "foundry business situation is very delicate, the key is to look at the bargaining power between the OEM brand." An unnamed internationally renowned sports brand OEM company official told reporters that their companies are in Guangdong, the partners had asked them to co-invest and build factories in India. But in the study of India's resources, he found inadequate facilities, and other factors have led to worker time capacity can not meet the requirements, causing increased costs, so now only the sidelines. shoe factory in Guangdong Province Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secre Cheap air jordans for sale tary-General Yang Ye Lin said, China's footwear industry remains competitive advantage over the other countries can not match. But he also pointed out that as large companies such as Adidas has its own advantages, and build factories in places outside China, many facilities can be built yourself. supporting industries affected by the transfer of the impact There are long-term study of clothing specialist shoe management told reporters, in fact, in recent years, Adidas and other multinational brands are reducing the proportion of production in China, mainly in increased production cost pressures. According to its introduction, Yue Yuen in Dongguan, China set up many factories, is designed specifically for Adidas and so do the OEM, Southeast Asia in recent years have begun to shift, to stay in the country has shifted from coastal areas to inland. According to general manager of a garment trading company Suzhou Lihua (pseudonym) describes "A lot of plants that only by constantly shift the factory, moved to a more abundant raw materials, low labor cost areas to survive." Lihua expressed Adi foundries for their last single direct sup Retro jordans for sale ply quantity has been reduced, the total agents take price also increased. Nike shoe also requires some Chinese chemical companies moved their production bases in India. It is reported that, for these brands do OEM business has a certain scale and qualification requirements. "If Adidas and other companies to reduce large-scale production line for OEM and matching impact is significant, because many of these companies is difficult to survive independently, just part of the process, by the Adi orders survival of these enterprises, external rotation after the order, the pressure of these enterprises increased sharply " ?? Links & nbsp;. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Shoes OEM profits Chinese footwear to foreign brands OEM profits are relatively modest. Huajian Group mainly produces high-end OEM shoes, a pair of the export price of around $ 14, but can only earn from $ 1 to $ 2. While Chinese exports of footwear products for the global overall average unit price of less than $ 3, many processing enterprises profit is only about 5%.NIKE AIR ZOOM FAMILY series of running shoes NIKE AIR ZOOM PEGASUS 31 Running Shoes NIKE AIR ZOOM cheap jordans for sale STRUCTURE 18 running shoes London Olympics ten thousand meters championship favor ZOOM AIR products London Olympic 5000 meters and meters double winner Mo & middot; Farah, is a loyal advocate of this series of running shoes. "PEGASUS is one of my favorite shoes, but it is getting better", has been the NIKR AIR ZOOM PEGASUS as the training specialized shoes Mo & middot; Farah said. Mo & middot; Farah still remember the kind of shoes to wear PEGASUS 31 wells of feeling, "first put PEGASUS 31, I can feel the speed increase I like it very stylish, comfortable fit feeling soft. cushioning and protection, it makes me a week more than 100 miles (about 160 kilometers) gains a lot of training. " To meet the London Olympic Games men meters meters outdoor runner-up and current American record holder Galen & middot; Rupp high demand stability running shoes, Nike keep trying, trying to build the shoe lighter and smoother rebound more sensitive, while maintaining stability in uncompromising. Newest NIKE AIR ZOOM STRUCTURE 18 in the bottom in the original dynamic support system added a third storey density foam, in order to achieve a smooth tra Cheap air jordan 12 ovo nsition in the uppers and soles. "STRUCTURE since I started running training has been with me, so the next generation design shoes contribute some of their own ideas in terms of special significance for me," Galen & middot; Rupp said, "I love STRUCTURE It is because of my foot just right package, given the support I need. When I picked up this pair of shoes when I for its light weight it is very surprised. Nike seems to be in a magical way and mitigate these shoes a few ounces, wear it I feel like I can run faster. " ". In the process of designing and testing of running shoes, we are more willing to understand the athletes wearing experience during the process of running shoes" Nike running shoes, senior product manager Kelsey & middot; Yankee (Kelsey Yonker) said, "A lot of Nike The top athletes are like ZOOM AIR products, including Mo & middot; Farah, Galen & middot; many top athletes, including Rupp seems that they want as many as 20 miles a day (about 32 kilometers) of training shoes can give More help them. They are very fond of ZOOM AIR bring a real rally feeling. " Galen & middot; Rupp showing the new running shoes NIKE A Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping IR ZOOM STRUCTURE 18 London Olympic championship ten thousand meters mo & middot; Farah, Galen & middot; Rupp ZOOM & nbsp; AIR Technology for speed ZOOM AIR was first introduced in 1995. Since then, athletes began wearing the shoe with a responsive cushioning function of training, competition, and obtained excellent results. "In the world marathon podium we are always able to see many of the top athletes wearing ZOOM AIR", Innovation Director of Nike shoes cushioning Taryn & middot; Hensley said, "it is Nike's most innovative cushioning system Technology has brought rapid start-up and bounce response. " 2014 ZOOM AIR running series based on the new treadmill training requirements designed to draw a large amount of data from the Nike Sports Research Lab and top athletes wear testing and wear feel. Instant response NIKE ZOOM AIR cushioning system from tightly woven within NIKE AIR pressure units can stretch fibers in the runners when the foot touches the ground, the fibers begin to release tension within the air cushion to help ease the impact, followed by a rapid restitution , momentary bounce off the ground explosive powerfu cheap jordans online l rebound, assist runners have rapid, cushioning pace. ZOOM AIR unit can be used separately or at the heel or forefoot simultaneously applied to the two parts, its thickness depends on the different needs of athletes. NIKE ZOOM AIR 2014 models include a buffer designed to achieve and focus on Ride NIKE AIR ZOOM PEGASUS 31, focusing on the stability of NIKE AIR ZOOM STRUCTURE 18, fit the rhythm of running NIKE AIR ZOOM ELITE with forefoot ZOOM AIR 7 and specifically for the win and students NIKE AIR ZOOM STREAK 5. China's top women's marathon athletes snow, Wei Xiaojie, Wang Xueqin presents Nike Woman jogging, sports lifestyle products top players in women's marathon running girls share experiences and Mo & middot; Farah and Galen & middot; Rupp, like the Berlin World Championships women's marathon champion snow and her teammate Wei Xiaojie, Wang Xueqin also invited He attended the event, the woman running enthusiasts to share their experience as a training partner. They said, "Running in fact not a lonely thing, loving girl might run a few friends together to train or join running groups, so you can encourage each other, mutual supervision, challenge each other to accomplish the goal of running jointly developed." Nike running senior product manager Kelsey & middot; Yankee explain NIKE ZOOM AIR Innovation and Technology Nike runners innovative technology and services In order to provide better and more runners convenient services, Nike has launched a special Nike + Run Club micro-channel service account, provide running tips, training programs, choose shoes guide, running routes, running activities, NIKE + FAQs, purpose for establishing a micro-channel platform best runners communities. Nike runners widely loved + Running applications since its inception in 2006, has over 20 million users, a total running mileage more than 2.4 billion kilometers. Where "Nike + Coach" function, through the collection of resources and top athletes Nike Coaches opinions runners in each race according to the objectives and the ability to customize the exclusive running program. Using Nike + Running application running, it has become essential now runners. & nbsp;Not long ago, Nike Basketball officially released to the Easter theme specially made Nike Kobe 9 EM, Nike Low and Nike LeBron 11 KD 6 NikeiD, and recently in order to meet the more obsessed with shoes for more elements, highlight the personality and the one and only wait requirements, the official opening of the custom scheme, interested friends may wish to look at NikeiD. 13aPI5XZ60-26141_resized.jpg (45 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-18 16:04 upload 13aPI592FZ-41C4_resized.jpg (37.8 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-18 16:04 upload 13aPI5912430-34A1_resized.jpg (26.91 KB, download number: 12) download 2014-4-18 16:04 Nike nikeid, upload , lbj11, Kobe 900 custom shoes,Before May second, Xi'an Quality Supervision Bureau informed the Xi'an district sales of some leather shoes supervision and inspection results: this time a total of 41 batches of samples taken, the pass rate of 83%. The men's qualified rate is 75%; the qualified rate of shoes 90%. Mainly leather shoes hook, bending rigidity and sole folding resistance two unqualified. According to reports, if the shoes hook poor rigidity, not only affect the wear comfort, and prone to 51, the Xi'an Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau informed the Xi'an area sales of some shoes supervision and inspection results: a total of 41 batches of samples, the qualified rate is 83%. The men's qualified rate is 75%; the qualified rate of shoes 90%. Mainly leather shoes hook, bending rigidity and sole folding resistance two unqualified. According to reports, if the shoe hook stiffness is poor, not only affect the comfort of wearing, but also prone to shoe body deformation, shoe waist collapse or fracture quality problems, affecting human health and safety. In addition the sole resistance is not good, can cause the half sole parts transverse crack and even fracture, walking easily gravel into the shoes, water, people can not continue to wear. The part of shoes unqualified: Shandong Gaomi Kennedy century shoe production "Century Hero" brand of men's leather shoes, Wenzhou City, Ouhai bonded Xijie Guo Yu leather shoes factory production of "Yu" brand of men's leather shoes, Zhejiang city of Ruian province adhesive Hauben Shoes Co., Ltd. production of "Hauben" brand men's shoes, slope with adhesive Wenzhou Panqiao red shoe factory production of "Li hilcom" brand men's shoes adhesive etc.. (Editor: admin).

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