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How do I create a new Wiki page ?

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Method 1. Writing a WikiWord automatically creates a link to an editable the page.

 Examples:  ThisIsWikiPage,  MyVacation,  MyAlbumIn2005

Method 2. Use [[ and ]] to enclose just about any page topic

 Examples:  [[The Old Wise Man of Fantasia]]
            [[2006-02-15 Birth of my cousin]]

Method 3. Use [= and ] similar to method 2

 Examples:  [=The Old Wise Man of Fantasia]
            [=2006-02-15 Birth of my cousin]

Actual links using above examples.

    The Old Wise Man of Fantasia 
    2006-02-15 Birth of my cousin
    The Old Wise Man of Fantasia
    2006-02-15 Birth of my cousin

When the page is create the URL link becomes encoded, for example, the first topic above becomes...



Other Optional ways of creating a page (Advanced)

Another method of creating a new page which I found to be useful

Here are also the easier steps:

   http://this_is_your_site.com/wiki.asp?db=WikiAsp&a=edit&o=Food and Wine Recipes of 2005


Other Notes

For example, to refer to this page in the Wiki, use this notation
 [This Page Topic=How%20to%20create%20a%20Non-Wikiword%20Topic]
 This Page Topic
note the use of %20 for spaces and removal of wikiword

Enjoy! ~ Elrey Ronald