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Rss Feed Highlighting

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WikiAsp's RSS Feed style is a content update Feed. The Feeds will return the WHOLE content of the most recently modified pages. This is in contrast to the other type of feeds which show only the differences (changes). It is not a diff report, in short. I created it this way so as to nicely aggreggate page contents using any RSS Readers or aggregators available out there.

This updated Source Code contains a VERY SIMPLE addition to highlight content ADDED only from the last save. Obviously, I can not mark the deleted content because this is a content update RSS( besides, the part was already deleted). Another reason is that full-featured DIFF algorithm is just too difficult.

Now, with a simple glance, you will know (well, approximately), what part was added to your page!!

-- Enjoy! --- Elrey Ronald {10/26/2004}

How to enable highlighting in RSS feeds


Screen Shots using the famous Readers and Aggregators

(1) Mozilla Firefox with Sage Extensions

Note that the URL must have &h=1 added to it.

(2) Sharpreader program (a free RSS Aggregator too) Download Sharpreader

Note that it is not capable of yellow coloring but I used Underlining in place of it. Note that the URL must have &h=1 added to it.

Note: The ICON is also captured by Sharpreader program.