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Wiki Bug

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This should be an Example of a scrambled page

remark: Doesnt seem to be a general Bug, cause this doesn't look bad here. It happens just with our wiki.asp. /shrug

Sometimes when i use our root wiki-name (would be Wiki Asp here, i think) in a wiki page, the normal wiki-names don't work anymore.

See at the source of this page (by pressing Edit below).

E.g.: ErsterTest TestPage

This is what i would see in my wiki:

  Wiki Asp.asp?db=wikiasp&dbname=DefaultDb%3Fo%3DWikiasp%3Fo%3DWikiAsp&o=ErsterTest">
And of course this text doesn't link anymore.

Add a blank between Wiki and Asp in the string below to see the page like it should be (with the Links ErsterTest and TestPage above working correctly). Remove the blank again to have these wiki names scrambled.

Wiki Asp

robert, 2003-12-12

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