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Adding stuff here: Mark

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  3. 第三项

It's so simple I didn't believe it could work. But it does work...

My new page Wade Mayer

 [1] go here

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Now:<%=Now%> How do you change titles of pages?

1/5/2005 1:29:59 AM : does it work?

does it work1?

does it work2?

No problem making the word DeanKoontz, but what about DeanRKoontz? Poor fella. Speaking of fella - how do I make a page of 1 word?

Answer: You can write it like this [[DeanRKoontz]] - ~ Elrey Ronald

Seems not to work: only the last letter of the word is underlined: DeanRKoontz


table generation starts hereand here
test another row
is this an extra row?
and a third one

file:fdsafa I am testing this out.

cool Stuff ::BlogMe

Wiki Asp seems to have all the features I was looking for in Asp Wiki. Great Job!

TestCase 33

Why is the link only on the last letter of the word? I found out: because the page is not created yet.

Answer: Yes, unlike the c2.com wiki which puts question mark (?) on the Wikiword, I just put a link which I think is better. - ~ Elrey Ronald


How can I create a page named TestCase that should not be split into two words separated by space?

How can I create a page with the letters xxxx xx?

Answer: Please see the Comments And Suggestions page which has a code sample that you should include in your program. ~ Elrey Ronald

Bold Items?

Italic Items?

Bigger Items?

* Bullets

This wiki is great! I'm loving it!

     I think it great too! (just testing how editing works)


Well now I am not so sure about this editing stuff....


     Can I add a URL link to?:http://www.furl.net/index.jsp

My stuff here . . . .

c1 c2 r1 r2 Is this allowed? Second line. :^( r3 No (obvious) way to span columns r4 initial column's color-scheme spans entire row !|, !!, and |! are not valid after 1st instance Still, I'm not complaining! Table is an awesome feature!

Yup, there are endless ways to enhance table feature like centering, justify-right or left, cell coloring instead of row coloring, header , etc. but for now I will leave that for users to tinker on the code for their own use and if they think its a good addition,pls. let me know. I will gladly incorporate it in Wiki Asp and credits will be given.

I've always think a good wiki should be simple and usable. A good measure to see if you are not over-marking up (too much formatting, that is), is when you can still reasonaly read the content when you are in EDIT mode. Also, Let's avoid code bloating. -- Elrey Ronald 10/13/2004

See previous Wiki Sandbox Archive page here

Another quick test since I don't seem to be able to create another wiki FunnyPage [erte]

I'm just trying to see how this works

Just installed WIKI and am trying to figure out how to start off from an empty DB.

In the URL just make sure you have something like wiki.asp?db=YouNewDataBase&pw=yourpassword where you have to enter the password. - Elrey Ronald

Lovin' It! Love WikiServer. I'm planning on implementing Wiki Asp next week. Hope to be able to transfer current *.wik pages to the new implementation! --

zoem piep flop hoihoi nounou Rare Wikinaam

Let' seehow this looks Let me point [http://www.lawrencericci.com]

Col One Col Two Row One Row One, Col 2



Yet another test message

1 2 3 45 Name Fred Sam Peter Colin

Column Item


hello world - because it needed it.

adsf asdf qwer qwer


This is a test!!! am

I'm going to reference QuickWikiWord and [ http://www.pug.com |pug.com], and we will see how it works.


Can't figure out the linking to an internal page like FunnyPage Now I'll link to Rob



Next, test page with two words in the name. Do I need the long URL? MyFirstAttempt [Joanna]

h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 So, how about yet another change. change change

One more time test Hello World

    * bullet test


    * Bullet Test
    * Bullet Test
    * SimonTest


First Paragraphe, hello world bla bla bla

Second First Paragraphe, hello world bla bla bla

    * Bullet 1
    * Bullet 2

    * Bullet 3


Hello Wiwki

Wiki Word


http://www.criticalsecret.com/toward http://www.criticalsecret.com/toward



 Apparently this whole line is monospaced

Italics make me excited Bold just seems like overkill

Men from DenmarkWalks through Walls
They Return My!!Boxes of Willpower!!
Slightly Damaged!|Slightly Lonely!|

한글 테스트 한글 a한글01

This is all very exciting!

[1] to here

Oink oink! Honk honk!



This is a test NewDocumentation

I can get to it from here also NewDocumentation


Arabic? سلام

umm it looks like it didn't work :( /reads right on the edit page. wonder what the problem is?

Can you change the title of an existing page? I want to change my main page from WikiASP to something like Policy Documentation..... -steph

Just change the value of gDefaultHomePage, and you're ready to go! ~ Elrey Ronald