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Text Formatting Rules

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Creating a new Wiki page

Method 1. Writing a WikiWord automatically creates a link to an editable the page.

 Examples:  ThisIsWikiPage,  MyVacation,  MyAlbumIn2005

Method 2. Use [[ and ]] to enclose just about any page topic

 Examples:  [[The Old Wise Man of Fantasia]]
            [[2006-02-15 Birth of my cousin]]

Method 3. Use [= and ] works similar to method 2

 Examples:  [=The Old Wise Man of Fantasia]
            [=2006-02-15 Birth of my cousin]

Basic Formatting

Paragraphs [1]


 This is an example of a monospaced line.


Numbered List example:

  1. This is numbered list using tab-colon-asterisk.
  2. You can start a line with :*
  3. or :* or 1. for lists.


Horizontal Line



Imbedded Images

  img:http://c2.com/sig/wiki.gif  or image:http://c2.com/sig/wiki.gif

Referencing files relative to the document root. (Local reference shortcut) NEW!!12/2005

  1. link local file examples
   writing... local:wiki.css      results to this link ->  wiki.css
   writing... local:icon.jpg      results to this link-->  icon.jpg
   If file is sub folder , simply write like this --> local:images\icons\icon.jpg 

 2. local image examples    
   writing... image:local:icon.jpg results to this -->   
   writing... imageleft:local:icon.jpg and  imageright:local:icon.png work as follows...



Other Types of Formatting

Alternate Labels to Links and Wiki Words

 [Go to Cnn News|http://cnn.com]
yields this... Go to Cnn News !!!
 [Go to my Wiki homepage=wikiasp]
yields this... Go to my Wiki homepage !!!

InterWiki Links

 [My Website=ElreySite::VacationPage]   -> Goes to the page VacationPage of database ElreySite using My Website as link alias.
 [My Website=ElreySite::]               -> Goes to default start page of database ElreySite using My Website as link alias. 
 [ElreySite::VacationPage]              -> Goes to the page VacationPage of database ElreySite using no link alias.
 [ElreySite::]                          -> Goes to default start page of database ElreySite using no link alias.

Clickable Images

 [ img:http://c2.com/sig/wiki.gif |http://c2.com]
yields this...


This is Ordinary Row a New Wiki Asp Feature
This color scheme Sample One
This color scheme Sample Two
This color scheme Sample Three
Great feature

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9101112

Sample HTML (NEW!)

If you know HTML, you can also enter it and tailor your wiki pages to your heart's desire.

This is useful for imbedding Source Code and programs. Search Google for the utility

22 <microsoft.web>

23 <converters>

24 <add type="Microsoft.Web.Script.Serialization.Converters.DataSetConverter"/>

25 <add type="Microsoft.Web.Script.Serialization.Converters.DataRowConverter"/>

26 <add type="Microsoft.Web.Script.Serialization.Converters.DataTableConverter"/>

27 converters>

28 microsoft.web>

29 <appSettings/>


CopySourceAsHTML is a utility that preserves syntax coloring

9 using System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts;

10 using System.Web.UI.HtmlControls;


12 public partial class AddData : System.Web.UI.Page {


14 protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {


16 int numItemsToAdd = Int32.Parse(NumAdd.Text);

17 string categoryName = Server.HtmlDecode(Category.Text);


19 ListManager lists = new ListManager();


21 for (int i = 0; i < numItemsToAdd; i++) {

Collapsible Panel

5/2006 - uses the syntax [Drop#] ..

 +  View the code
 [Drop#002## Click Me Now]
 How about his
 This was hidden before

will result to this...

 +  Click Me Now

NEW bullet list (using the >* notation)

• Level 1

ο Level 2

◊ Level 3

→ Level 4

◊ Level 3

ο Level 2

• Level 1

 +  <-- Click to see how the bullet list above is done


[1] This page was revised to reflect changes by Elrey Ronald.
[2] A sample footnote. Clicking on this link takes you back and forth between the text and footnote.
[3] This is not standard in C2.com wiki but implemented in most engines. Useful for other languages like German.