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Version beta

Version 1.6.2 (08/2006)

Version 1.59b.2

 [Drop#1## Click Me Now]
 How about his
 This was hidden before

will result to this...

 +  Click Me Now

Version 1.59, 1.59a

Just use this--> 'http:\/TrialUsers' to bypass

 Try this to create a button -->  <input type=button OnClick="location.href='http:\/lambda326';"  value="back" /> - 
 For example, this button when click will take you to that lambda326 (this server)

Version 1.58d


   12 public partial class PagedData : System.Web.UI.Page

   13 {

   14     protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

   15     {


   17     }

   18 }


Version 1.58 (10/13/2005)

 [My Website=ElreySite::VacationPage]   -> Goes to the page VacationPage of database ElreySite using My Website as link alias.
 [My Website=ElreySite::]               -> Goes to default start page of database ElreySite using My Website as link alias. 
 [ElreySite::VacationPage]              -> Goes to the page VacationPage of database ElreySite using no link alias.
 [ElreySite::]                          -> Goes to default start page of database ElreySite using no link alias.

Note: local: is not followed by slash characters. For example, writing...
  1. link local file   
   writing... local:wiki.txt          results to this link ->  wiki.txt
   writing... local:img\wiki.txt      results to this link-->  img\xml.gif

  2. local image is    
   writing... image:local:img\xml.gif result to this   
   writing... imageleft:local:img\xml.gif and  imageright:local:img\xml.gif works as follows...


   #@91;  and #@93;  are now used. 

Version 1.57, 1.57b (09/15/2005)

 for example:  [Hello WikiAsp=wikiasp  ] 

Version 1.56 Changes (7/20/2005)

Version 1.55, 1.55b Changes (3/20/2005)

Version 1.54 Changes (2/21/2005)

Version 1.53 Changes (1/25/2005)

The problem is that some hosting providers require the database to be outside of the docroot (so people cant download your database)... Anyway, the reference to the server.mappath function only works when you specify a directory relative to the docroot, which, in my case, broke the app. I've added a variable called 'docrootdir' which can equal a UNC or drive path to the docroot. If it's length is greater then 0, then the other variables and server.mappath calls are appropriately manipulated to return the needed result. If the length is 0, then everything operates as before. ~ Julian Tosh

These are the modifications to Asp Wiki version 1.48 (testedit)

  1. Removed tables and added upper left corner icon. This look is consistent with C2.com wiki. Clicking on this icon takes you to the home page. If this icon is not installed, it uses a default icon.
  2. Also changed footer to make it more neat.
  3. You can use 8 spaces at the beginning of a line. These are replaced by a TAB character. This is the solution to the not-able-to-type-TAB-character problem during edit.
  4. You can use 9 spaces, colon, 8 spaces - to indent a paragraph. These are replaced with tab-space-colon-tab
  5. Fix bugs in editing and added top save button.
  6. Fix on error resume next handling to make code acceptable to brinkster.com.
  7. Added footnotes and some other Text Formatting Rules.
  8. Overwriting a page which is being edited by another user is now prevented. He who edits first gets to save first.
  9. Changes are saved (up to 10,000 characters).
  10. Webmaster can modify styles by an optional Wiki Style Sheet file which is db-specific (.css) where stands for the ms access database filename ( excluding the extension). This css file should be in the same directory as the access db. If (.css) is not found, the default stylesheet file wiki.css in the root will be used (if it exists).
  11. Webmaster can override the default Start Page (which is Wiki Asp) by setting up an '.ini' file. The .ini file MUST HAVE THE SAME NAME (except the extension) and MUST BE IN THE SAME DIRECTORY as the MS Access DB file. For example .ini
  12. Added alternate label for hyperlink using [

Latest Features [1]

  1. RSS feed is now valid. Upon installation be sure to set the correct time zone in the program.
  2. NEW! You can now use the GIF or JPG format for top left icon image file (by Elrey Ronald 9/2004)
  3. NEW! Double-clicking on page will take you to edit mode (by Elrey Ronald 9/2004)
  4. Spaced Wiki Words (by Bjarne D.)
  5. File: added as a URL option (by Bjarne D.)
  6. Danish characters now possible (by Bjarne D.)
  7. Using double square brackets and to create Wiki Word just like this --> Wiki Asp. (by Elrey Ronald) Pls. see formatting page
  8. Added a simple RSS 2.0 FEED . Pages that were changed will be available to subscribers. The webmaster should modify an gHttpDomain item (line no. 34 in the program ) to enable RSS. (~ by Elrey Ronald 4/20314)
  9. Delete function for webmasters via password (line no. 33 in the program ). Just browse to the page and modify URL and append to parameters like this ->&a=del&pw=yourpassw and submit. (~ by Elrey Ronald 4/2004)

Latest Bug Fixes

  1. Reset font, underline, bold before footer (3/26/2004)
  2. NOTE List is now simplified. You can use * -instead of 8 spaces. -(ElreyRonald 5/2004)


I had fun with this program! Special thanks to Dino Chiesa, the author of Aspwiki version 1.48 and other contributors.

See also Source Code And Installation, Wiki Asp