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How about if you want it on your own computer?

Minimum Requirements for your own server.

Windows 2008 and above

Installing Wiki Asp on your PC.


Configuration Ideas

1. You can create multiple Ms Access Db

Lets say you obtained a monkey account from 1asphost.com with the name JohnDoe. You can create a folder, then simply upload the zip file to this folder and create another ms access file as shown below.

    +- wiki.asp 
    +- wiki.css 
    +- icon.jpg 
    +- default.htm 

The sites can be accessed by these URLs:



2. You can also create multiple directories

Let's say you want a separate site, again, say in 1asphost.com. You may create two (2) separate folders and on each folder upload the wikiasp zip file as show below.

 |  | 
 |  +- wiki.asp 
 |  +- wiki.css 
 |  +- icon.jpg 
 |  +- default.htm 
 |  +--/db
 |     |
 |     +--MyWikiHome.mdb
 |     +--MyWikiHome.ini
    +- wiki.asp 
    +- wiki.css 
    +- icon.jpg 
    +- default.htm 

The independent sites can be accessed by these URLs:



For questions mailto:lambda326@hotmail.com

Some Installation Questions

Why do I get an empty page or error when I run the web site the first time ?

This site has nice style sheet! How do I see these css styles now?

Well, you may view the optional Wiki.css file that perks up this site. Copy it, Modify it and upload it as Wiki.css to your wiki site (the same place where you put the Wiki.asp file). If you think you created a very nice Wiki.css Please let me know. Please send your Questions, Comments And Suggestions and if possible, the URL site you have created to mailto:lambda326@hotmail.com Thanks in advance.
See Also Wiki Style Sheet

My Wiki Asp site always starts with the Wiki Asp page. How do I change the start page?

Simply create a XXXXXX.ini in the DB folder which is the initialization file where XXXXXX is the access db name. The access db name is set in the program under the variable gDefaultHomePage. Examples are:
  create db\WikiAsp.ini  if you are using db\WikiAsp.mdb
  create db\MyWikiSite.ini  if you are using db\MyWikiSite.mdb
  create db\HellowThere.ini  if you are using db\HellowThere.mdb
  etc, etc.. 

XXXXXX.ini is a text file containing just 1 line with a word (the Starting Wikipage Name). Note that if you created another MS Access DB then the initialization file would start with the same name.

For example, if db\ Wiki Asp.ini contains the following:

The above file simply says Go and proceed to the MyMainSite page.

How does WikiAsp choose the MS Access DB, Css File and Icon to use?

For the table below, stands for the name of MS Access Db file excluding the extension. For example MyNewHome or MyVacation. Yup, Its a wiki word format.

If db is not specified, is WikiAsp. (Which means program will use WikiAsp.mdb MS access file).

Note that you can the program looks for a GIF icon file first before JPG icon file.

.ini contains starting topic name use as starting page name or topic
.mdb database specified by db it is created
.css style associated with db use \wiki.css if not there, use browser default style sheet
.gif or jpg icon associated with db use \icon.gif or jpg if not there, use icon from default site

How do I add foreign characters?

Approximately line 580 of the source code, you will find how Bjarne's code substitutes Danish characters to suit his needs.


If you are using these characters, ALWAYS check the source code (about line 580), if the substitution characters are lost somewhere. Cut the text above and paste it appropriately in your code.

Also, some users have change the source code

so as to support chinese.

I get the "File is being edited by another user" Error randomly. why?

 Response.CacheControl = "no-cache"
 Response.AddHeader "Pragma", "no-cache"
 Response.Expires = -1


What possible Free Websites can I use to try this wiki?

Upload this program to the free sites and it will work as is using default settings.

Free ASP website Notes/Status
http://WWW.DOMAINDLX.COM This site is offering free ASP hosting. However, FSO objects are not available. You have to create db folder and wikiasp.db manually. For your convenience, you can download this EMPTY WIKIASP.DB here and upload in into the db directory you created.
http://1asphost.com/ Strikingly similar to the DOMAINDLX.COM website. Also, you may have to create db folder and Wikiasp.db manually. You download the empty WIKIASP.DB here.
http://WWW.brinkster.com Used to have free hosting, but recently may have removed the offer. Look for their free educational plan. The service is very cheap though.
http://www.7host.com Seems to have stopped offering their free asp hosting for now.

How do I add the CSS for Tables?

 .Tableclass { background-color: #f8f8f8; border: #505050 1px solid; border-collapse: collapse;font-size: 10pt; }
 .Tablecell{ border-collapse: collapse;border: #909090 1px solid;
  padding-left: 6px;padding-right: 6px;	padding-bottom: 3px; font-size: 10pt; }
 .Tablerow1 { background-color: #DAE1F9 ; border: #505050 1px solid; border-collapse: collapse;	 font-size: 10pt; }
 .Tablerow2 { background-color: #FFEACC ; border: #505050 1px solid; border-collapse: collapse;	 font-size: 10pt; }
 .Tablerow3 { background-color: #EDF8ED ; border: #505050 1px solid; border-collapse: collapse;	 font-size: 10pt; }

See also Features And Changes .