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Here is a very simple wiki program on ASP and it is FREE.


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WikiASP is a wiki server program written using ASP script designed to run under Microsoft ©Windows OS and IIS. As a derivative of the original Aspwiki engine, it is one of the most effective wiki programs freely available.. Wiki Asp code was written and now being maintained by Elrey Ronald Velicaria.

Feel free to use it to create your personal website using any ASP hosting site. Or simply use it as your online notebook, making it editable and updatable virtually anywhere and whenever you are on the internet. You can share your site with everyone or allow only selected friends to edit. If you know ASP script programming, you can customize it anyway you want. It's all up to you![1]

For Wiki beginners, please read these topics first for introduction:What is Wiki?, Text Formatting Rules,and Wiki Etiquette, Wiki In The News, !

The permanent URL of WikiASP is http://lambda.vze.com and the current version is beta (please see Features And Changes)

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Try also Elrey's Wiki Server!

Hey, have fun with the program. Good luck to your WikiASP!

Mabuhay !!

Elrey Ronald Velicaria(mailto:lambda326@hotmail.com)

3 Simple Steps to create your Wiki Asp now!

1. Get a free new account at http://www.domaindlx.com or http://www.jabry.com
2. Download http://lvstechie3.brinkster.net/wikiasp.zip and Upload it to the site.
3. Edit config and launch it.

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Latest Tips
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Creating Random Header Icons
Posting Forms By Html
The Collapsible panel
How do I create a new Wiki page?
HTML can now be enabled or disabled in the wiki text!!!
Html Imbedding is now enabled by default!!! New!!! 3/20/2006
Finally, Wiki Asp has made it to a Wikipedia! entry.
Fun With Wiki Asp Footnotes
How To Install To www.asphost.com
Rss Feed Highlighting!!
Other Links
Features And Changes
Comments And Suggestions
Visitors Page - please sign
Text Formatting Rules
Wiki Style Sheet
Wiki In The News
How To Create Your Blog Using Wiki Asp
Article Comparing WikiAsp To Others
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WikiAsp was recommended in this Computing Research Paper

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Recommended Hostings for Wiki Asp
Cheap Seekdotnet Hosting
This site can be hosted by BRINKSTER! Get yours now and start using Wiki Asp


RSS Feed now available

Html Mode Feature



Tables are now supported

This is an example
Of how easy to make tables
AND this is another row
and another new row

Quick Edit Mode feature (NEW)

See Features And Changes and Text Formatting Rules for details!

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[1] Some web hosts offer free asp hosting such as domaindlx.com, brinkster.com (educational package), and 1asphost.com. Check them out!



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